Tools for manual Analysis 100% (ready)We can analyze your app manually right now. Check my App!
Most Important Validators 100%
(ready)Duplicate Key (ready)TODO Markers
(ready)Inconsistent Keys (ready)Question in the Word
(ready)Not translated Value (ready)Spelling
(ready)Different Translations (ready)Duplicate Phrase
(ready)Different Lengths (ready)Duplicate Space
Lang/IQ Online Service 85% (ready)Read APK or strings.xml
(ready)Detect, show and fix problems
(active development)Write strings.xml preserving comments and layout
(coming soon)Seamless payment processing
(coming soon)Load tests
Examples of LANG/IQ
Full set of Validators 5% (ready)Some parts are implemented as proof of concept
(coming soon)Wrong printf Parameter Validators
(coming soon)Wrong MessageFormat Parameter Validators
Convenience Improvement 33% (coming soon)Configuration persistence between validations
(coming soon)Additional configuration options
Integration with CI 40% (ready)Working prototype for JUnit
(coming soon)Finalize JUnit class generator
(coming soon)Write Python unit test generator