Nobody knows how to test translations

Every successful software project grows. Sooner or later it reaches language borders. You cannot serve the entire world with just an English version of the product.

Software is translated, but nobody knows how to assure its correctness. Developers do not know all the languages; translators have neither deep domain nor technical knowledge.

Bugs creep into a project and nobody even sees them…

Until it breaks in front of your customer!

We bring it under control.

Lang/IQ brings translations back under control

We have seen many projects fighting the same problems:

  • developers forget to define a translation
  • translators forget about special technical meanings
  • strings are not updated in foreign languages

We have been supporting such projects for more than 10 years.

We know there are so many ways to mess up software internationalization!

And there is only one way to bring it back under control: Lang/IQ

Act now to save customers

We load your translation files and do our magic to find different types of inconsistencies, from lingual problems like misspelled words to deep technical aspects like an odd number of apostrophes in a string designed for printf().

We show you these problems instantly and you know exact places, where to fix it. — Quick and easy!

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What’s next?

OK. Now we have consistent translations, but development is a continuous process…

Right! That is why we are developing integration with unit tests.

Integrate it into your Continuous Integration and you will get instant notification should something break.